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  • eco-friendly makeup cleansing microfibre mitt
  • eco friendly makeup remover pads
  • low waste makeup remover face cleansing mitt
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Makeup Cleansing Mitt Duo

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Our super cushy reusable microfiber mitts remove makeup using ONLY WATER to amplify your cleansing routine.

This sustainable alternative to single-use wipes is made of soft fibres that cleanse your skin deeply and gently, removing residue like dirt, oil, makeup, sunscreen and impurities.

Ujala's Makeup Remover Mitts will cleanse and purify your pores, allowing your skincare products to penetrate deeper for faster and more efficient results.


Why You will Love it

Each reusable mitt will last around 200 washes depending on use/care, roughly replacing over 1,000 makeup wipes annually!

The Makeup Cleansing Duo includes two cushy microfiber mitts (black and white) that will cleanse and remove makeup like a caress on your skin.

To remove waterproof makeup using only water press the damp mitt against your lashes for 5-10 seconds before sweeping away the mascara in circular motions.


- Remove makeup with only water
- Gentle and cushy
- Eco-friendly & low waste
- Replaces 1000 single-use makeup wipes


Polyester and polyamides.

How to Use

Soak your Mitt in warm water and sweep it over your face to remove makeup, grime and impurities.
Can be used with your favourite cleanser.
Rinse off after every use and let it dry.
We recommend washing it on the washing machine after every 4-5 uses.