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What does Clean Beauty stands for?

Since the start of the natural skincare revolution, we see clean beauty claims everywhere, from major brands and beauty retailers to small indie businesses in the cosmetic industry.
Despite its widespread use, there's not a clear definition of the buzz words, and they can raise controversial conversations, as different brands input varied meanings to it.
To start this conversation, we must acknowledge that safety and toxicity are not tied to whether the ingredient is natural or synthetic, but to scientific research, dosage and exposition and, last but not least, to each individual's reactions to a given ingredient.
So our first take on clean beauty has to start from what clean beauty is NOT.
Clean beauty shouldn't make you feel guilty or fearful, but should contribute to your overall beauty in a way that has no negative impact on your health and the environment.
One thing is sure: as a brand, we must contribute to this topic in a constructive and positive way.
Inspired by a brilliant episode of the Green Beauty Talks podcast, we encapsulated in four basic standards Ujala's definition of Clean beauty and how we create it.

1. Clean Beauty is about Wellbeing

First and foremost, clean skincare is about combining ingredients that add to your overall beauty without negative impact to your health.
We manifest Conscious Beauty by creating rituals that impart great benefits to our consumers on more than just the skin level.
Clean beauty should be about using self-care as a space of nourishment and health, celebrating the greatness of the ingredients that ARE in the product instead of defaming the one's that are not.

2. Clean Formulas

The very definition of the term clean infers transparency, ethics and honesty.
One crucial part of the meaning of clean skincare is using ingredients that can be traced and sourced ethically, respecting the environment and the people involved.
Transparency and honesty are present in everything that we do, to create eco-conscious bath & body essentials, clean beauty rituals and organic skincare that is handmade for healing, wellness and, of course, beautiful skin, we source ingredients that are proven safe for your skin and your health.

3. Clean Skincare for the Planet

Clean beauty must be about products that don't pollute the environment, from manufacturing to end of life and disposal.
When brands claim to make clean beauty, they must prioritise sustainability and work to lessen their impact on nature.
Our range of Australian handmade soaps, organic body oils and natural skincare is eco-friendly from the choice of ingredients to the holistic handcrafting process.
Choosing clean skincare products made in Australia, you're signing up to reduce your carbon emissions and engage and support your community.

4. Clean is hygienic

To create clean skincare, we follow top standards of good manufacturing practices.
We invest in product stability without compromising how natural our formulations must be, and we follow careful procedures to ensure the product that goes out to our customers is made to the best of our ability.
We prioritise waterless formulations that don't require preservatives, have a higher concentration of active ingredients and help preserve water in manufacturing process.
And for you, what is clean beauty?
Have you ever felt mislead or frustrated with clean beauty claims that don't hold on to any realistic criteria backing the term?
We work hard to make sure our Australian bath and body products are great for you and our planet, and we count on you to be great when detecting and choosing skincare that is clean and amazing!

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