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Hi, I am Debora, the hands behind Ujala Skincare...

Welcome to my Dream!


After years of struggling to find clean beauty products that wouldn't cause redness and other weird reactions on my sensitive skin, I decided to learn how to create my own natural skincare ritual.

As a big greenie, wastefulness has always been a big no-no and finding gentle skincare that didn't come in layers and layers of unnecessary packaging and single-use plastic was quite a grind. 


How hard could it be to find bath and body essentials that are both made for sensitive skin and earth-friendly? So why not do both and have the best of two worlds?


Coming from a fourth generation of female entrepreneurs who invested their hearts into their creative passion, starting Ujala was like finally unearthing my ancestral vocation. 

Things evolved naturally, and Ujala came into being as a healing practice. For me, for you, for the planet.


As a small business, we envision a world where beauty and nature can go hand in hand and where we can find healing through daily self-care while also caring for Mother Earth.




Do you know how many toxic chemicals are present in the products you use daily?

Many synthetic and chemical ingredients are commonly added to high street personal care products to better their appearance, feel, shelf life, or simply to increase profit.

The truth is many of these chemical ingredients weren't created for daily use on human skin, and they can become endocrine disruptors that cause hormonal imbalance and environmental pollutants that damage our ecosystems. 

Unfortunately, nasty ingredients like PEGs, parabens, phthalates, sulphates and silicones are everywhere in your bathroom essentials, mostly because big businesses have placed profits before people.


Small changes in your routine can go a long way towards cleansing your body and home from these chemicals.

That's why at Ujala, we create more than skincare. We make clean beauty to add a touch of healing to your self-care rituals.


Ujala is toxin-free, vegan and sustainable skincare, honouring the medicine of natural ingredients.



We are an actual small business made of real people, and our products are handmade by loving hands right here, in Dharawal Country.

To be true to our mission, we carefully curate every step of our creative process.

We choose sustainably sourced and organic ingredients that heal your skin and work with your body, not against it.

Our packaging is selected to lessen our environmental impact, and your orders are shipped plastic-free.

Our organic body oil was selected as a finalist on the Clean+Conscious Awards 2021 (former Australian Non-Toxic Awards) in our very first year.

That is proof and recognition of our care for your wellbeing.

We aim to create a space where healing can be your daily ritual.



Join us on this fabulous journey, and let's add healing to our self-care.

Skin Healing, Earth Healing.


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