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  • Astral Botanical Bath Soak - Ujala Skincare
  • Astral Botanical Bath Soak - Ujala Skincare
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Astral Botanical Bath Soak

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ASTRAL is your botanical bath soak for an uplifting ritual of self-love and connection.

Made with tension-relieving Epsom Salts and a mix of soothing and toning organic botanicals, this bath soak will cleanse and soothe your skin while creating a relaxing and reinvigorating ritual.


- Help to relieve tension & Muscle soreness
- Induce calm & relaxation
- Soothe and tone the skin while soaking
- I am made with Aromatherapeutic grade essential oil blend
- I contain only Organic botanicals
- I am Paraben, silicone, SLS and palm oil-free.


- Epsom salt: rich in magnesium, helps to relax and relieves muscle soreness, tension, cramps and pain.

- Himalayan pink salt: powerful detoxing agent that promotes sensations of grounding and cleansing.

- Organic Rose petals: a natural skin toner, cleanses and hydrates the skin while helping to improve texture and complexion.

- Organic Marigold/Calendula: a soothing and anti-inflammatory herb known to calm inflammations and heal the skin.

- Rose Geranium Essential Oil: the aromatherapy of Rose Geranium infusion helps to calm anxiety and promotes mental clarity.

- Orange peel: refreshing and uplifting aroma that inspires energy replenishment.

Ingredients: Magnesium Epsom Salt, Himalayan salt, Dead Sea salt, grapeseed oil*, rose petals*, calendula*, vegetable glycerin, sweet orange* & rose geranium essential oils*. *Denotes Organic.

How to Use

Add 100g or 4 tbsp to a warm bath for a relaxing and indulging moment of reconnection and self-care.